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Adamovich, Brenda L. B. and Henderson, Jennifer A. (1984) Can we learn more from word fluency measures with aphasic, right brain injured, and closed head trauma patients? [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Armstrong, Debra Jo and Horner, Jennifer and Fedor, Karen Hardin and Massey, E. Wayne (1984) Aphasia associated with intracerebral neoplasms. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


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Duffy, Joseph R. (1984) Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR): Background and potential impact on the practice of speech and language pathology. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


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Horner, Jennifer and Chacko, Rebecca (1984) Cerebral blood flow. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


Katz, Richard C. and Nagy, Vivia T. (1984) An intelligent computer-based spelling task for chronic aphasic patients. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Klor, Barry M. and Mlcoch, Anthony G. (1984) Auditory comprehension in aphasia: type vs. severity. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


Lemme, Margaret L. and Hedberg, Natalie L. and Bottenberg, Donna E. (1984) Cohesion in narratives of aphasic adults. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Linebaugh, Craig W. and Margulies, Cheryl Person and Mackisack-Morin, E. Louise (1984) The effectiveness of comprehension-enhancing strategies employed by spouses of aphasic patients. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Lundgren, Kristine and Moya, Kenneth L. (1984) Perception of Nonverbal Cues After Right Brain Damage. [Clinical Aphasiology Abstract]


Marshall, Robert C. and Neuburger, Sandra I. (1984) Extended comprehension training reconsidered. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Marshall, Robert C. and Neuburger, Sandra I. and Golper, Lee Ann C. and Phillips, David S. (1984) Response time patterns for word production and word selection anomias. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Mercaitis, P. A. and Duffy, J. R. (1984) Verbal response time and intersyllable interval in the imitative speech of non-brain-injured, aphasic and apraxic adults. [Clinical Aphasiology Abstract]

Metter, E. Jeffrey and Riege, Walter H. and Hanson, Wayne R. and Kuhl, David E. and Phelps, Michael E. (1984) Commonality and differences in aphasia: Evidence from BDAE and PICA. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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Myers, Penelope S. and Linebaugh, Craig W. (1984) The use of context-dependent pictures in aphasia rehabilitation. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


Newhoff, Marilyn and Salvatore, Anthony P. and Parks, Jennifer (1984) Sweet sunshine and warm hugs: aphasic subjects comprehension of metaphors in context. [Clinical Aphasiology Abstract]


Odell, Katharine H. and McNeil, Malcolm R. and Collins, Michael J. and Rosenbek, John C. (1984) Some comparisons between auditory and reading comprehension in aphasic adults. [Clinical Aphasiology Abstract]


Pettit, John M. and Specyal, Laura (1984) Is there fluency after aphasia? [Clinical Aphasiology Abstract]

Piehler, Margaret F. and Holland, Audrey L. (1984) Cohesion in aphasic language. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Prescott, Thomas E. and Loverso, Felice L. and Selinger, Marilyn (1984) Differences between normal and left brain damaged (aphasic) subjects on a nonverbal problem solving task. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


Rosenbek, Jay and Shimon, Debra (1984) Computerized axial tomography in aphasiology. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


Sanders, Sara B. and Hamby, Ellen I. and Nelson, Mariann (1984) Critical factors associated with the success or failure of community stroke clubs. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Selinger, Marilyn (1984) Using cortical evoked potentials in aphasiology. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Shewan, Cynthia M. (1984) Expressive language quantitatively compared for aphasic and normal adults. [Clinical Aphasiology Abstract]

Shulak-Rome, Cynthia and Lyon, Jon G. (1984) An assessment of internal speech in phonologically impaired brain-damaged adults with minimal aphasia. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Simmons, Nina N. (1984) Experimental analysis of a treatment program for alexia without agraphia. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Swindell, Carol S. and Holland, Audrey L. and Fromm, Davida (1984) Classification of aphasia: WAB type versus clinical impression. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


Thompson, Cynthia K. and Byrne, Marie E. (1984) Across setting generalization of social conventions in aphasia: An experimental analysis of "loose training". [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Tompkins, Connie A. and Mateer, Catherine A. (1984) Factors influencing paragraph comprehension by subjects with left or right hemisphere involvement. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Trupe, Elizabeth Hillis (1984) Reliability of rating spontaneous speech in the Western Aphasia Battery: Implications for classification. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


Venus, Carol A. and Canter, Gerald J. (1984) The effect of gestural cues on comprehension of spoken messages by aphasic adults. [Clinical Aphasiology Abstract]


Wertz, Robert T. and Deal, Jon L. and Robinson, Alice J. (1984) Classifying the aphasias: A comparison of the Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination and the Western Aphasia Battery. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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