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UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED [Clinical Aphasiology Front Matter header]

Clinical Aphasiology Front Matter

UNSPECIFIED (2004) Preface. [Clinical Aphasiology Front Matter]

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UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED [Clinical Aphasiology Paper header]

Journal (Paginated)

Antonucci, Sharon M. and Beeson, PĂ©lagie M. and Rapcsak, Steven Z. (2004) Anomia in patients with left inferior temporal lobe lesions. [Journal (Paginated)]

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Haley, Katarina L. (2004) Vowel duration as a cue to postvocalic stop voicing in aphasia and apraxia of speech. [Journal (Paginated)]

Hallowell, Brooke and Douglas, Natalie and Wertz, Robert T. and Kim, Sunny (2004) Control and description of visual function in research on aphasia and related disorders. [Journal (Paginated)]

Hickey, Ellen M. and Bourgeois, Michelle S. and Olswang, Lesley B. (2004) Effects of training volunteers to converse with nursing home residents with aphasia. [Journal (Paginated)]

Hough, Monica Strauss (2004) Generative word fluency skills in adults with Parkinson's disease. [Journal (Paginated)]

Hough, Monica Strauss (2004) Naming and category concept generation in older adults with and without dementia. [Journal (Paginated)]

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Peach, Richard K. and Wong, Patrick C. M. (2004) Integrating the message level into treatment for agrammatism using story retelling. [Journal (Paginated)]

Small, Steven L. (2004) A biological model of aphasia rehabilitation: Pharmacological perspectives. [Journal (Paginated)]

Wambaugh, Julie and Nessler, Christina (2004) Modification of sound production treatment for apraxia of speech: Acquisition and generalisation effects. [Journal (Paginated)]

Wiener, Debra A. and Connor, Lisa Tabor and Obler, Loraine K. (2004) Inhibition and auditory comprehension in Wernicke's aphasia. [Journal (Paginated)]

Wright, Heather Harris and Newhoff, Marilyn (2004) Priming auditory comprehension in aphasia: Facilitation and interference effects. [Journal (Paginated)]

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