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Clinical Aphasiology Front Matter

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Clinical Aphasiology Paper

Boyle, Mary (1989) Reducing Phonemic Paraphasias in the Connected Speech of a Conduction Aphasic Subject. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Brauer, Deborah and McNeil, Malcolm R. and Duffy, Jeseph R. and Keith, Robert L. and Collins, Michael J. (1989) The Differentiation of Normal from Aphasic Performance Using PICA Discriminant Function Scores. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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Hough, Monica S. and Pierce, Robert S. (1989) Contextual Influences on Category Concept Generation in Aphasia. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Hough, Monica S. and Wilcox, M. Jeanne (1989) The Effects of Theme Presentation on the Comprehension and Interpretation of Narrative Discourse in Adults with Brain Damage. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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Katz, Richard C. and Wertz, Robert T. and Davidoff, Marsha and Shubitowski, Yvonne D. and West Devitt, Elizabeth (1989) A Computer Program to Improve Written Confrontation Naming in Aphasia. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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Loverso, Felice L. and Prescott, Thomas E. and Selinger, Marilyn and Riley, Lyanne (1989) Comparison of Two Modes of Aphasia Treatment: Clinician and Computer-Clinician Assisted. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Lyon, Jon G. (1989) Communicative Partners: Their Value in Reestablishing Communication with Aphasic Adults. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Lyon, Jon G. and Sims, Elizabeth (1989) Drawing: Its Use as a Communicative Aid with Aphasic and Normal Adults. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

McNeil, Malcolm R. and Caligiuri, Michael and Rosenbek, John C. (1989) A Comparison of Labiomandibular Kinematic Durations, Displacements, Velocities, and Dysmetrias in Apraxic and Normal Adults. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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Ramsberger, Gail and Helm-Estabrooks, Nancy (1989) Visual Action Therapy for Bucco-Facial Apraxia. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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Simmons, Nina N. (1989) A Trip Down Easy Street. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Sullivan, Michael P. and Brookshire, Robert H. (1989) Can Generalization Differentiate Whether Learning or Facilitation of a Process Occurred? [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Thompson, Cynthia K. (1989) Generalization Research in Aphasia: A Review of the Literature. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Walker-Baston, Delaina and Devous, Michael D. and Millay, Kathleen K. and Reynolds, Sharon B. and Ajamani, Ajai J. and Grant, Dorothy E. and Bonte, Frederick J. (1989) Tomographic Regional Cerebral Blood Flow Activation During Phoneme Detection in Normal and Aphasic Subjects. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Wertz, Robert T. (1989) Utilizing Trained Volunteers to Treat Aphasia: A Potential Plagued with Malignant Misinterpretation and Enigmatic Evidence. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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