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Anderson, Emily T. and Ulatowska, Hanna K. (1976) Visual and Linguistic Impairment in Alexia Without Agraphia. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


Berlin, Charles I. (1976) The Brain and Dichotic Speech Perception. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Berry, William R. (1976) Testing Auditory Comprehension in Aphasia: A Clinical Alternative to the Token Test. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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Brookshire, R.H. (1976) A System for Coding and Recording Events in Patient-Clinitian Intersections during Aphasia Treatment Sessions. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


Collins, Michael (1976) The Minor Hemisphere. [Clinical Aphasiology Round Table Discussion]

Czvik, Patsy S. (1976) A Preliminary Investigation Into the Application of an Auditory Approach Using Non-Variable Materials in the Treatment of Aphasia: Two Case Studies. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


Darley, Frederick L. (1976) Maximizing Input to the Aphasic Patient: a Review of Research. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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Haskins, Sherry (1976) A Treatment Procedure for Writing Disorders. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Holtzapple, Pat A. (1976) The Influence of Illiteracy on Predicting Recovery from Aphasia. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Houston Wiedel, Ida M. (1976) The Basic Foundation Approach for Decreasing Aphasia and Verbal Apraxia in Adults (BFA). [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


Johns, Donnell F. and Macaluso, Sara (1976) Profile of Aphasia and Apraxia: Onset Through Recovery, A Case Study. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Johnson, Charles L. (1976) Letter-Prediction Responses of Adults with Lateralized Cerebral Lesions. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Johnson, Michael G. (1976) Language Following Left Occipital Lobectomy: A Case Report. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


Keatley, Mary Ann and Pike, Patricia (1976) The Automated Pulmonary Function Laboratory: Clinical Use In Determining Respiratory Variations in Apraxia. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Key, Sally (1976) Communicative Characteristics and Recovery in Thrombosis and Embolus Patients with no Hemiplegia. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Kushner, Deanie (1976) A "Natural Language Learning" Program for Treatment of Aphasic Patients. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


LaPointe, Leonard L and Williams, William N. (1976) Multisensory Stimulation and Oral Form Identification in Brain Injured Adults. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

LaPointe, Leonard L. and Horner, Jennifer (1976) Repeated Trials of Words by Patients with Neurogenic Phonological Selection - Sequencing Impairment (Apraxia of Speech): Stimulus Mode and Response Condition Revisited. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Lemme, Margaret (1976) Formal and Informal Testing. [Clinical Aphasiology Round Table Discussion]

Lozano, Robert A. and Clark, Carol A. (1976) Aphasia Recovery of a Right-Handed Individual with Right Cerebral Hemisphere Infraction. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


MacPherson, Robert H. (1976) Post-Surgical Language Dysfunction: A Study in Long-Term Rehabilitation. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Malone, Peggy (1976) Alternative Modes of Communication. [Clinical Aphasiology Round Table Discussion]

Marshall, Noel and Holtzapple, Pat (1976) Melodic Intonation Therapy: Variations on a Theme. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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Marshall, Robert C. and King, Philip S. (1976) Effects of Fatigue Produced by Isokinetic Exercise Upon the Communication Ability of Aphasic Adults. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

McCormick, Glen P. and Williams, Peggy (1976) The Midwestern Pennsylvania Stroke Club: Conclusions Following the First Year's Operation of a Family Centered Program. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

McNeil, Malcolm R and Prescott, Thomas E. and Lemme, Margaret L. (1976) An Application of Electromyographic Biofeedback to Aphasia/Apraxia Treatment. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

McNeil, Malcolm R. (1976) Recovery from Aphasia Resulting from Arteriovenous Malformation: A Report of Three Cases. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Moore, W. McNeal and Rosenbek, John C. and LaPointe, Leonard L. (1976) Assessment of Oral Apraxia in Brain-Injured Adults. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


Pickett, Len (1976) Assessment of Gestural and Pantomimic Deficit in Aphasic Patients. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Porrazzo, Shirley A. and Mayersdorf, Assa (1976) The Measurement of Interictal Speech and Language Disturbances in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


Ritter, E. Gene (1976) Effects of Differences in Environmental Stimulation upon the Language Output of Aphasic Patients. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Ritter, E. Gene (1976) Modular Therapy: A Practical Approach to Life Situations. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Rosenbek, Jay C. and Collins, Michael J. and Wertz, Robert T. (1976) Intersystematic Reorganization for Apraxia of Speech. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Rosenbek, John C. and Wertz, Robert T. (1976) Treatment of Apraxia of Speech in Adults. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


Salvatore, Anthony P. (1976) Training an Aphasic Adult to Respond Appropriately to Spoken Commands by Fading Pause Duration Within Commands. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Smithpeter, JoAnn Vandette (1976) A Clinical Study of Responses to Olfactory Stimuli in Aphasic Adults. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


Ulatowska, Hanna K. and Daly, David D. (1976) Preliminary Observations on the Behavior of Some Aphasics in a Sentence Construction Task. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Ulatowska, Hanna K. and Macaluso-Haynes, Sara and Mendel-Richardson, Sharon (1976) The Assessment of Communicative Competence in Aphasia. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]


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Wertz, Robert T. and Rosenbek, John C. and Collins, Michael J. (1976) Identification of Apraxia of Speech from PICA Verbal Tests and Selected Oral-Verbal Apraxia Tests. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

West, Joyce A. (1976) Improvement of Receptive Functioning in Adult Aphasics. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

West, Joyce A. and Gelfer, Carole E. and Rosen, Joyce S. (1976) Processing of True and False Affirmative Sentencees By Aphasic Subjects. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

Wilson, Peggy (1976) Application of the Symbolic Match-to-Sample Task in Language Training. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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