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Naming treatment and crosslinguistic generalization

Kiran, Swathi and Sandberg, Chaleece and Kester, Ellen and Ascenco, Elsa and Gray, Teresa and Roberts, Patricia
Naming treatment and crosslinguistic generalization. In Clinical Aphasiology Conference: Clinical Aphasiology Conference (2012 : 42nd : Lake Tahoe, CA : May 20-25, 2012) / : (2012).

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Current research on bilingual aphasia has only begun to inform us about the optimal rehabilitation for bilingual aphasic patients and the literature is still sparse in terms of interpreting impairment and recovery in these individuals. Two recent reviews (Faroqi-Shah, Frymark, Mullen, & Wang, 2010; Lorenzen & Murray, 2008) highlight the beneficial effects of rehabilitation in bilingual aphasic patients, however, both reviews underscore the need for theoretically motivated and well controlled rehabilitation studies. There are still several unanswered questions about outcomes in bilingual aphasia rehabilitation, including (a) is it sufficient to rehabilitate only one language, (b) what are the nature of gains in the trained language, and (c) does rehabilitation in one language have beneficial effects in the untreated language? The present experiment attempts to address these questions with a relatively large set of Spanish-English bilinguals with aphasia, all of whom receive therapy in one language at a time. The extent of improvements in the trained language items, semantically related untrained items in the trained language, and between-language transfer to untrained items is examined. In addition to picture naming, changes in the evolution of naming errors and category fluency are also examined in this study.

EPrint Type:Clinical Aphasiology Paper
ID Code:2404
Conference:Clinical Aphasiology Conference: Clinical Aphasiology Conference (2012 : 42nd : Lake Tahoe, CA : May 20-25, 2012)