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Toward a definition of RHD syndrome

Myers, Penelope S.
Toward a definition of RHD syndrome. Aphasiology, 15(10-11), 2001, pages 913-918.


Research and clinical efforts aimed at understanding and improving the communication impairments associated with acquired right hemisphere damage (RHD) are hampered by lack of a formal definition or label. This paper addresses that issue in light of the recent proposal by Joanette and Anslado (1999a, b) that RHD communication disorders be called "Pragmatic Aphasia''. Underlying assumptions regarding the use of the term aphasia to describe these deficits and the concept that pragmatics is inherent to language are questioned. The potential value of "pragmatics'' as it relates to communicative intents, and its potential application to a definition of RHD communication impairments are also explored.

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Conference:Clinical Aphasiology Conference: Clinical Aphasiology Conference (2000 : 30th : Waikoloa Beach, HI : May 2000)
Conference Date:May 2000
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