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Effects of modified response elaboration training with apraxic and aphasic speakers

Wambaugh, Julie L. and Martinez, Aida L.
Effects of modified response elaboration training with apraxic and aphasic speakers. Aphasiology, 14(5-6), 2000, pages 603-617.


Response Elaboration Training (Kearns 1997) was modified for use with aphasic speakers with moderate to severe apraxia of speech. The modifications included additional clinician modelling, use of integral stimulation, and repeated practice of elaborated utterances. The acquisition, response generalization, stimulus generalization, and maintenance effects of treatment were examined with three chronic, apraxic- aphasic speakers. Increases in the number of CIUs produced in response to picture stimuli and in a personal recount task were found for all speakers. However, the magnitude of change varied greatly across speakers. Treatment was sequentially extended to the personal recount condition and additional positive changes were observed.

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Conference:Clinical Aphasiology Conference: Clinical Aphasiology Conference (1999 : 29th : Key West, FL : June 1999)
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