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Reliability of the five-item revised token test for individuals with aphasia

Park, Grace H. and McNeil, Malcolm R. and Tompkins, Connie A.
Reliability of the five-item revised token test for individuals with aphasia. Aphasiology, 14(5-6), 2000, pages 527-535.


Two trained raters and 11 aphasic subjects were used to evaluate test-retest, interrater and intra-rater reliabilities of the Five-Item (55 total) Revised Token Test (Arvedson et al. 1985). Results revealed high reliability for overall mean scores, and moderate to high reliability for individual subtests and linguistic elements scores. Standard error of measurement (SEM) values were also determined based on the aphasic subjects' data. A discrepancy between large SEM values and the mean absolute difference value suggests that further evaluation of SEM is required with a larger sample size. Results suggest that the Five-Item Revised Token Test is a reliable instrument to assess auditory processing impairments in adults with aphasia. Given the time constraints experienced in clinical and research settings, this assessment tool is useful due to its validity, reliability, and brevity.

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Conference:Clinical Aphasiology Conference: Clinical Aphasiology Conference (1999 : 29th : Key West, FL : June 1999)
Conference Date:June 1999
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