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Aphasia: Awareness, advocacy, and activism

Elman, Roberta J. and Ogar, Jennifer and Elman, Sidney H.
Aphasia: Awareness, advocacy, and activism. Aphasiology, 14(5-6), 2000, pages 455-459.


To the public and the media, aphasia is an unknown disorder. In this paper we argue that the ramifications of being 'unknown' are far more than philosophical, with resulting economic, psychosocial, and political consequences. We compare aphasia to other neurological disorders and to other historically disenfranchised individuals. We offer some preliminary ideas for media and political action plans to raise awareness, increase funding, and reduce psychosocial isolation for those living with aphasia. The need to inform and unite is great. Only then will those impacted by aphasia begin to receive the resources to which they are entitled.

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Conference:Clinical Aphasiology Conference: Clinical Aphasiology Conference (1999 : 29th : Key West, FL : June 1999)
Conference Date:June 1999
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