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Spectral Analysis of Sound Errors in Persons with Apraxia of Speech and Aphasia

Wambaugh, Julie L. and Doyle, Patrick J. and West, Joan E. and Kalinyak, Michelene M.
Spectral Analysis of Sound Errors in Persons with Apraxia of Speech and Aphasia. American Journal of Speech Language Pathology, 4(4), November, 1995, .

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Incorrect productions of / / were compared to correct productions of /s/ and / / in two apraxia/aphasic subjects. Peak spectral frequencies were extracted from power spectrums of monosyllabic words. In addition, a perceptual task was completed by requiring two listeners to categorize recorded productions. For one subject, results revealed no significant differences among peak spectral frequencies for each sound category. However, perceptually these sounds were judged to be different. For the second subject, acoustic and perceptual findings corresponded with sounds being differentiated.

EPrint Type:Journal (Paginated)
ID Code:292
Conference:Clinical Aphasiology Conference: Clinical Aphasiology Conference (1995 : 25th : Sunriver, OR : June 1995)
Publisher:American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Publication:American Journal of Speech Language Pathology
Publication Location:Rockville, Md.
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