Treatment intensity and the effect of repetition priming on naming performance in individuals with anomia

Off, Catherine Ann and Griffin, Jenna (2014) Treatment intensity and the effect of repetition priming on naming performance in individuals with anomia. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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Clinical aphasia researchers have demonstrated efficacy across both phonological and semantic treatment approaches for individuals with anomia (e.g., Boyle, 2004; Kendall, et al., 2008; Renvall et al., 2007). As this research continues to emerge, clinicians are gaining invaluable knowledge about the ideal treatment approach to select for each client or treatment context. Simultaneously, neuroscience research is progressing rapidly and clinical researchers have begun to manipulate principles of neuroplasticity to optimize treatment paradigms (e.g., Kleim & Jones, 2008; Kurland, et al., 2010; Ludlow et al., 2008). One variable that has gained a substantial amount of attention is treatment intensity; participants who receive a greater number of treatment sessions improve to a greater degree than those who receive conventional aphasia therapy (e.g., Brady, et al., 2012; Meinzer et al., 2011). Research protocols have yet to be designed that systematically manipulate intensity variables to estimate the amount of treatment required to best facilitate improved language skills in persons with aphasia (PWA). That is, a majority of the treatment intensity evidence comes from studies that were designed to assess the efficacy of specific treatment approaches. The purpose of this study was to directly investigate the influence of intensity and repetition on naming performance, while simultaneously removing the issue of treatment approach. A repetition priming paradigm was used to assess the influence of treatment intensity and stimulus dosage on the acquisition and maintenance of picture naming accuracy for PWA.

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