Computer-based cognitive intervention for aphasia: Behavioural and neurobiological outcomes

Kim, Esther Sung and Cribben, Ivor and Luu, Connie and Chouinard, Brea and Cummine, Jacqueline (2014) Computer-based cognitive intervention for aphasia: Behavioural and neurobiological outcomes. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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Aphasia, an acquired impairment of language that commonly occurs after stroke, can have significant consequences on all aspects of functioning of affected individuals. Some have proposed that the language deficits observed in aphasia are due to underlying limitations in cognitive processes that support language1-3. This ‘cognitive’ theory of aphasia is gaining increased attention in the research literature4, and is the impetus for the study of treatments for aphasia that target these underlying cognitive processes5-8. Indeed, studies of cognitive interventions in healthy populations have reported positive outcomes in behavioural (i.e. language and overall cognitive functioning9, 10) as well as neurobiological (i.e., brain function and/or structure11-13) domains, offering promise for the application of these types of interventions to aphasia. Recently, computer-based ‘brain training’ programs have become increasingly prevalent. BrainFitness (BF) is one such commercially available program; it has been used to show improvement in auditory processing speed, attention and working memory in typically aging adults14, 15. This program has the potential to be a useful intervention for individuals with aphasia, but questions regarding the clinical utility of the program and neural correlates of training-related behavioural changes remain. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of BF training in people with aphasia using behavioural and neurobiological outcome measures.

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