AphasiaBank: 7-Year Interest Rate Index and Yield

Fromm, Davida and Forbes, Margaret Martin and Holland, Audrey and MacWhinney, Brian (2014) AphasiaBank: 7-Year Interest Rate Index and Yield. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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At the 2008 Clinical Aphasiology Conference, Holland et al. (2008) presented a general introduction to the AphasiaBank project that had recently been funded by NIH. That report covered: AphasiaBank’s goals, rationale, and discourse samples; the demographic and test data being collected; and brief descriptions of the coding and analysis systems that had been modified from the very well established Child Language Data Exchange (CHILDES, MacWhinney, 2000) for use with persons with aphasia (PWA). The goal was both to explain the project to the CAC audience and to encourage their participation as researchers and educators. Now entering its 8th year of funding, the database has grown to contain 302 transcribed discourse samples from PWA and 161 transcribed discourse samples from non-aphasic comparison participants. AphasiaBank is currently the largest shared database of multi-media interactions for the study of communication in aphasia. The standardized protocol guarantees maximal comparability across the database. Some participants have been retested a second and third time at intervals of a year or more. Transcriptions of the discourse samples are linked to digitized audio/video, all of which are password protected at the website and can be downloaded by AphasiaBank members. Additionally, other data sets at the website include media files of the Famous People Protocol (Holland, Fromm, Forbes & MacWhinney 2013), transcripts and media for several aphasia script treatment protocols, media for aphasia group treatment sessions, a variety of non-standardized transcripts linked to media contributed by other aphasia researchers, plus media and transcripts from aphasia participants whose native language is French, Spanish, Greek, and Mandarin. The purpose of this paper is to present an updated summary of the following: 1) current demographic and test data on PWA who have completed the standardized protocol; 2) professional membership in the database; 3) published clinical research using the database; and 4) educational applications of the database. In addition, performance on the Western Aphasia Battery (WAB, Kertesz, revised, 2007) by the AphasiaBank sample will be compared with that of the norming sample published for the WAB. The larger AphasiaBank WAB data set comprises a different participant pool in that it represents people with chronic aphasia who seek continued support services.

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