Dosing of a cued picture naming treatment for anomia

Harnish, Stacy M. and Morgan, Jodi and Singletary, Floris and Gonzalez-Rothi, Leslie and Crosson, Bruce (2013) Dosing of a cued picture naming treatment for anomia. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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Constrain Induced Language Therapy (CILT) has spurred discussion of treatment “intensity” in aphasia research, as clinicians and researchers began asking about the important features of CILT, and whether the principle of massed practice was in fact the driving force behind the treatment technique. However, as studies began addressing intensity of treatment, the need for consistent terms with regard to dosage in aphasia treatment research became apparent. Cherney, Patterson & Raymer (2011) reviewed the literature on CILT and highlight the importance of considering different aspects of dosage with regard to specific therapy approaches. Warren, Fey & Yoder (2007) identified these dosage parameters as dose form, dose, dose frequency, total intervention duration, and cumulative intervention intensity. The purpose of the present study was to identify dosing effects of a cued picture naming treatment, using the terminology proposed by Warren et al. (2007), on word finding abilities in individuals with anomia.

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Conference: Clinical Aphasiology Conference > Clinical Aphasiology Conference (2013 : 43rd : Tucson, AZ : May 28-June 2, 2013)

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