Predictors of slowed reading times in persons with aphasia and control participants

Fassbinder, Wiltrud and McNeil, Malcolm and Kim, Hyun Seung and Pratt, Sheila and Dickey, Michael and Lim, Kyoung Yuel and Kendall, Diane and Pompon, Rebecca and Szuminsky, Neil (2012) Predictors of slowed reading times in persons with aphasia and control participants. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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Online sentence-level reading and listening times are sensitive measures of lexical access, parsing, syntactic and semantic integration processes (e.g., Rayner et al, 2004; Trueswell et al, 1993). Studies linking online to offline performance in syntactic processing have shown that persons with aphasia (PWA) show normal or near-to-normal parsing processes on sentences that are comprehended correctly (Caplan & Waters, 2003; Caplan et al., 2007, Dickey & Thompson, 2009). However, their reading times are usually slower than those of control participants even on correct items (e.g., Sung et al, 2011; Chenery et al, 1990), suggesting generally slowed reading in this group.

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Conference: Clinical Aphasiology Conference > Clinical Aphasiology Conference (2012 : 42nd : Lake Tahoe, CA : May 20-25, 2012)

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