Constraint-induced Language Treatment: Time to Rethink?

Patterson, Janet and Cherney, Leora and Raymer, Anastasia and Maher, Lynn (2012) Constraint-induced Language Treatment: Time to Rethink? [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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Constraint-induced Language Treatment (CILT, CIAT) first emerged into clinical practice in aphasia treatment following publication of the Pulvermüller et al., paper in 2001. Since then CILT has engendered clinical research application (e.g. Kirmess & Maher, 2010) and a systematic review (Cherney et al., 2008, 2010) and in clinical practice has appeared as the featured treatment program in several aphasia treatment programs and garnered attention from third party payors. The history of CILT is relatively well known by now, having derived from Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy which has a rich literature base that includes literature on neuroplasticity and motor skill learning. Equally well known are the treatment principles of CILT: constraining the response format, treating in an intensive schedule, and shaping verbal responses.

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