Self-correction in Apraxia of Speech: The effect of treatment

van der Merwe, Anita (2006) Self-correction in Apraxia of Speech: The effect of treatment. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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Overt self-correction of incorrect speech production reflects an awareness of manifested speech errors. The outcome of production can be monitored by means of response-produced feedback of tactile-kinesthetic and auditory stimuli. However, self-correction may also occur before speech is executed. During speech motor planning the speaker can centrally monitor the efference (reference) copy of the planned utterance through internal feedback. For accurate production of the speech sound, comparison with an internal model of the motor plan in the sensorimotor memory may take place. Internal feedback may perform an error-correction function before speech is produced (Van der Merwe, 1997). The focus of the current study study is on self-correction of speech errors in the apraxic speaker. This investigation is part of a larger study on the outcomes of the Speech Motor Learning (SML) Program (Van der Merwe, 1985). The SML Program targets speech sound treatment in nonwords and words and incorporates motor learning principles. The previous study showed that the number of perceptual errors decreased during treatment (Van der Merwe, 1998; Van der Merwe, Tesner, Groenewald & Moore, 1998). In the current study, the participant with AOS exhibited a decreased number of incorrect productions and number of self-corrections together with an increased percentage of successful self-corrections. These data suggest that this client’s speech production ability and overt self-correction improved during treatment.

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