Therapy for word-finding in aphasia: working at the syntactic level

Herbert, Ruth and Best, Wendy (2005) Therapy for word-finding in aphasia: working at the syntactic level. [Clinical Aphasiology Paper]

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Therapy for word finding problems in aphasia has targeted semantic or phonological processing. However, an intermediate syntactic level may exist, and spoken word production in aphasia may be impaired here. We investigated semantic, syntactic, and phonological processing in noun production with two people with aphasia. The data indicate that syntactic processing was impaired for both speakers. We carried out two forms of therapy: phonological and syntactic. For one person both therapies were effective leading to gains in word-finding, but no change in syntactic processing; for the other person word-finding improved, and the syntactic therapy led to improved syntactic knowledge.

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Date Deposited: 11 May 2005
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Conference: Clinical Aphasiology Conference > Clinical Aphasiology Conference (2005 : 35th : Sanibel Island, FL : May 31-June 4, 2005)

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