A VOT analysis of apraxic/aphasic voicing errors

Wambaugh, J. L. and West, J. E. and Doyle, P. J. (1997) A VOT analysis of apraxic/aphasic voicing errors. [Journal (Paginated)]

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The primary purpose of this investigation was to perform a VOT analysis of correct and incorrect productions elicited from an apraxic/aphasic speaker (S1), who consistently devoiced stop and affricate targets. A secondary objective was to analyse the VOTs of an apraxic/aphasic speaker (S2) who produced stop and affricate voicing distinctions correctly, as determined by broad phonetic transcription. Seven hundred and ninety monosyllabic words, representing four voiced-voiceless cognate pairs, were analysed for each subject. VOT results indicated that S1's error productions (i.e. [t] for /d/; [p] for /b/; [k] for /g/; and [t integral] for /d(3)/) differed significantly from his correct, voiceless, homonymous productions (i.e. [t] for /t/; [p] for /p/; [k] for /k/; and [t integral] for /tf/). Therefore, Si's sound errors were not considered to be sound substitutions, as had been indicated perceptually. Overlapping VOT values were found for all of S2's voiced-voiceless cognate pairs, despite perceptually accurate productions, indicating possible speech motor control problems.

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Conference: Clinical Aphasiology Conference > Clinical Aphasiology Conference (1996 : 26th : Newport, RI : June 1996)
Conference Date: June 1996
Location: Newport, R.I.
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Journal or Publication Title: Aphasiology
Volume: 11
Number: 4-5
Publication Location: London
ISSN: 1464-5041
URI: http://aphasiology.pitt.edu/id/eprint/1116

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